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about Cyryl Koshyk


Cyryl Koshyk (also known as Kiril Koshyk) is an extremely accomplished visual effects supervisor/artist who has worked on many high-budget feature films and TV series,drastically enhancing the production value and quality of these projects, by his experience both in visual and technical world.For over two decades, Cyryl has worked with Hollywood's most experienced artists, and continues to provide custom solutions to all IT needs and requirements, by combining both ‒ software and hardware knowledge,

Backgrounds and Significant Credits in Hollywood

Cyryl spent his formative years and finished his education and several arts schools in Poland. Since then, he has been interested in complex technology, computer arts & science, entertainment / films production and filmmaking, performing arts, high-end technologies and research. He pursued his career in Los Angeles, as visual effects supervisor, film maker and digital artist, he worked with many talented people along, and many productions - feature films (as visual effects supervisor/consultant including "Prometheus", "300 Rise of an Empire” , "Captain America: The First Avenger", "30 Days of Night", "Final Destination", "Jennifer's Body", "S.W.A.T." ), TV shows, commercials, music videos with award winning artists, just to name a few.

Additionally, his frequent clients include major film studios: Paramount Studios, Raleigh Studios, Warner Brothers, and TV stations including: MGM HD, National Geographic, NBC, Universal Sports, NBC, production companies: Comcast Spotlight, GRB TV, VivoTV, Original Productions, PostModern Productions, PostMP.

Technological Expertise that Enhances Art

Cyryl has always been passionate about digital & technology as an expression of art in all shapes and forms as well as sound, continuously seeking new extraordinary technologies to enhance ‒ digital art projects, films, and other IT based projects.

Cyryl’ s connection with technology dates back to the early 90's when he started working extensively with 8-bit computers (Atari, Commodore, Elwro, ZX Spectrum era), and started to write his own programs in: Basic, Logo, Pascal languages. He’ s been always interested in using computers ‒ to enhance art, and use variety of software ‒ as tools.

These experiences - started in Photo Styler (original Photoshop) and Deluxe Paint (Amiga) and then followed with PC first 3D software - Kinetix 3D Studio Max- make him an avid programmer in technologies including: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MySql, Flash, Cloud Computing, Super-Computing Network Render Farms, complex database development, mobile app development, custom solutions, with deep knowledge and understanding in today’s most notable software packages.

In early 1999, he designed over 60 websites for high-end corporations, artists, independent companies including aggressive marketing and promotion. He spend 10 years in web development, and 15 years in Hollywood industry ‒ as visual effects supervisor, pre and post-production manager, 2D/3D artist, digital matte painter, digital composer, video editor & sound mixing, network rendering. bringing cutting edge technologies to any projects, from simple to most complex.

Best of Both Worlds

In the last 20 years, Cyryl has mastered most aspects of today's technologies ‒ both software / hardware, the art of digital cinema, film making, post-production, digital arts and highly complex visual effects production, and has worked with US largest corporations, private companies, brands, companies and production companies, performing artists (actors, singer, musicians).

Cyryl remains very active within Hollywood & entertainment industry, leading technologies and research, in which he equally mastered the craft of filmmaking and post-production, including VR, Real-time Tracking, Mocap, Cloud Rendering.

Multi-talented, highly experienced (both in development, execution, branding, delivery) and well oriented ‒ digital artist & designer, programmer and developer with extensive portfolio across all media, internet and technologies in recent years, Cyryl often finds his own unique and efficient solutions, including complex LIVE 3D SHOW with high interactivity and control, as showcased in KCGI’s MU∑A concert





また同氏の常連顧客には,パラマウント・ピクチャーズ,ラレー・スタジオ,ワーナー・ブラザースといった大手映画会社のほか,MGM HD,ナショナルジオグラフィック,NBC,ユニバーサル・スポーツ,NBCといったテレビ局に加え,コムキャスト・スポットライト,GRB TV,VivoTV,オリジナル・プロダクションズ,ポストモダン・プロダクションズ,PostMPなどの制作会社などの名だたる面々が並ぶ。



彼のテクノロジーとの密接な関係は90年代初期にさかのぼる。専ら8ビットのコンピュータ(Atari,Commodore,Elwro,ZX Spectrumera)を使い,さらにBasic,Logo,Pascalなどの言語を使って,自分でプログラムを作成した。いつも,コンピュータを使って芸術性を高めることに注力し,様々なソフトウエアを道具として使うことに関心を払ってきたのである。その後Photo Styler(現在のPhotoshop)とDeluxePaint(Amiga)に始まり,最初のPC用の3DソフトウエアであるKinetix 3D Studio Maxの活用へと移る。こうした経験を経たキリル氏は,貪欲なプログラマとしての顔も持つ。HTML,PHP,JavaScript,jQuery,AJAX,MySql,Flash,Cloud Computing,Super-Computing Network Render Farmsに熟達し,複雑なデータベースの開発,モバイル・アプリの開発,カスタム・ソルーションのほか,最先端のソフトウエアの多くについても精通している。